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  • Chocolate Lolly Maker

    Chocolate Lolly Maker

    Melt, mould and wrap four fun chocolate lolly shapes: a flower, heart, horse and rabbit. Simply melt and pour chocolate into the moulds and add a secret message to the back. Shiny bags and tie on ribbons provided.
  • Chocolate Sprinkle Stix

    Chocolate Sprinkle Stix

    The Chocolate Sprinkle Stix lets you make your own delicious, bite-sized treats. Safely and easily melt your chocolate, dip your breadsticks and pour in your sprinkles then sprinkle blast!
  • Fidget Spinner

    Fidget Spinner

    Great For Fidgety Hands, ADD & ADHD Sufferers Helps Relieve Stress Perfect size suitable for Adults and kids Easy To Carry,Small, Simple and Fun.
  • Soggy Doggy Game

    Soggy Doggy Game

    Soggy Doggy is the showering, shaking, doggy bathing game! Make him shake and it's back to the start.
  • Splashy The Whale Game

    Splashy The Whale Game

    Splashy the friendly whale will eat anything he finds out at sea. Take turns to remove objects from his mouth as he bobs up and down on the ocean waves. Carefully hook an object with your fishing rod, but be careful… if you tickle Splashy's tongue he will squirt you with water and you must return the item you removed!
  • Tetris Dual

    Tetris Dual

    Tetris Dual is a fast head-to-head, tabletop strategy game based upon Tetris - one of the most popular electronic games of all time.
  • The Greedy Sheep Game

    The Greedy Sheep Game

    It's the Greedy Sheep Game?when he BLEATS he wants to eat! This hungry little sheep loves carrots and wants to gobble them all up.
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